mix of single-coloured and multi-coloured cement tiles

"Tiles" and "Patchwork." Two terms that are now firmly connected and offer us the opportunity to arrange bathrooms, living rooms but also cafes and restaurants, colourful and lively.
Originally the term patchwork was used in association with the processing of different materials in the textile industry.
The idea, applied to tiles, creates a unique look.
Cement tiles in particular, with their various motifs and different colours, are ideal as patchwork to create an individual and decorative atmosphere.
Whether as a mix of single-coloured cement tiles or multi-coloured cement tiles, or based on the colours used (patchwork coloured, patchwork black and white, patchwork black and white grey), our Patchwork range offers the right cement tiles for different styles.

Cement tiles from our patchwork range:


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Articima offers you the possibility to create a special cement tile patchwork:
One motif in different colour combinations.
Choose a pattern and we will create the desired cement tile in various colour variations.
This patchwork will only be produced on demand.