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Articima | The art of manufacturing moroccan cement tiles

Articima, does manufacture its own quality cement tiles

Custom-made cement tiles

You did not find your favorite color? No problem. You can now customize your own encaustic cement tile

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With Articima you can save upto 35% from a wide range of premium handmade moroccon cement tiles.

Cement Tiles Trend: Patchwork

"Tiles" and "Patchwork." Two terms that are now firmly connected and offer us the opportunity to make bathrooms, living rooms, but also cafes and restaurants colorful and lively. Originally the term patchwork was used in connection with the processing of different materials in the textile industry. The idea of applying the patchwork to the composition of the tiles results in a unique look. Especially the cement tiles with their different motifs and different colors are very suitable as patchwork to create an individual and decorative atmosphere. Whether as a mix of single-colored cement tiles or multi-colored cement tiles, or based on the colors used (patchwork red and white, patchwork black and white, patchwork black and white and grey), our Patchwork range offers the right cement tiles for every taste.

articima zementfliesen patchwork schwarz weiss grau

Why order cement tiles from articima?


articima cement tiles are original handmade Moroccan cement tiles. We have been producing our cement tiles for years and distribute them worldwide. We produce ourselves, without middlemen, so we can offer you cement tiles at fair prices. The communication between sales and production is without detours.

This enables us to produce special designs and thus to offer completely individual cement tiles. This enables us to achieve all the prerequisites to deliver the cement tiles according to your expectations in a short time.

Cement tiles on sale

  1. cement tiles Patchwork cement tiles Patchwork
    you save 14%
    EUR 32,28 EUR 27,84
  2. Encaustic cement tiles 2806 Encaustic cement tiles 2806
    you save 26%
    EUR 36,97 EUR 27,29
  3. moroccan cement tiles 5051 moroccan cement tiles 5051
    you save 21%
    EUR 36,97 EUR 29,24
  4. moroccan cement tiles 452 moroccan cement tiles 452
    you save 22%
    EUR 36,97 EUR 29,00
  5. moroccan cement tiles 4803 moroccan cement tiles 4803
    you save 15%
    EUR 36,97 EUR 31,32