About us - Cement tiles manufacturer with passion

 articima tiles - handmade with love


At the end of the Rif mountains, with a view of the Mediterranean, lies the Moroccan town Tétouan.
This city reflects the interweaving of different cultures and the preservation of old handicraft traditions.

Our manufacture is located in this beautiful place.
We are manufacturing articima cement tiles there with love and passion for many years.
Caring, quality and pleasure dominate this process.

Articima is a family company and it is primarily the people who contribute in different ways to the success of this wonderful cement tiles.
We are joined by passion and love for cement tiles and the conviction that we are offering a unique and personal product.

Piece by piece our artisans manufacture the tiles. We give a lot of importance to preserve the original process.
The result is an outstanding cement tile that is produced without emissions and with respect for our environment.

You will meet our cement tiles in many villas, restaurants, hotels.
Articima tiles decorate floors and walls in many countries: Great Britain, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Austria...

Would you also like to enrich your rooms with articima cement tiles?
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